What do our trainees really think about Hillingdon SCITT?

The programme has been excellent in terms of content and experience. The programme is intense and extremely enjoyable at the same time. The school staff are always willing to assist and provide positive feedback. The onus is on continuous improvement.

 I feel fortunate to be in the mix with outstanding teachers who are willing to share ideas and experiences with all trainees. The training sessions are extremely engaging, well thought out in terms of content, and really get everyone thinking.

 It has been a fabulous journey so far!

After having spent 2 years in varying jobs after university I came to the realisation that a 9 -5 office job was just not for me. Whilst paper pushing is ideal for some people, I just did not feel a sense of purpose from what I was doing. After volunteering at my old Secondary School in Hillingdon I could see the real sense of enthusiasm the teachers had – they genuinely seemed to love what they were doing and this is what inspired me to apply for the Hillingdon SCITT. Having been in training for just over a month I am genuinely delighted with the decision I have made – the support network is great, not only do you have other trainees who are in the same situation as you are, the current department I am in have made me feel at home from the get go and provide honest and constructive feedback which is already helping to shape me as a teacher in these early stages. I could definitely recommend the scheme to anyone who wants a career in a challenging yet fulfilling and rewarding field.

Training with Hillingdon SCITT is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I have ever done.  As well as providing trainee teachers with complete immersion into school life, SCITT training provides a supportive network of people who will help see you through your training year.   

Every day is different.

 Hillingdon SCITT provides several opportunities to immerse yourself in different schools and school alternatives/environments.

 An excellent induction programme in the summer before starting the course in September.

 Very supportive Subject Leaders

 The Hillingdon SCITT is by far the single most organised, efficient and student-centred academic body I have ever studied with. It is run by a team of seemingly perfect professionals who have created and maintained an exceptional level of professional and academic development. Every session is timed with aptitude and delivered with an infectious exuberance. I am constantly amazed at the entire operation - the kindness, care and attention to detail shown by every single member of the SCITT staff is fantastic. The way we all felt as a cohort during our induction week in June was exactly as how new teachers should feel - like we were being supported whilst entering into one of the hardest professions; that we were joining a group of comrades. Every single member of the cohort is valued and known personally, and I know that the culture that has been engendered is one of support and cohesion across schools in Hillingdon. I know that the SCITT will create a group of teachers that will collaborate across their schools for years to come. I am continually reminded of how lucky I am to have found myself part of it.

I am six weeks into the Hillingdon SCITT 2016/17 programme and I continue to learn so much by being hands-on in a classroom from Day 1. It can feel a bit like you are being pushed in at the deep end when you start teaching in the initial weeks. However, my placement school and mentor have paced it nicely by starting me off with whole class reading, working 1:1 and in small groups with children, introducing a lesson using the school’s lesson plan and then easing me in to formal teaching. However, it is a steep learning curve and you need the right attitude. Be prepared for hard work as there is a lot to learn in just 10 months and being organised is key.

The SCITT team has been very helpful and a summer induction was organised before we started so we were clear about what to expect. I appreciate the university-school combo as you do need the theories and strategies to be able to apply those to the classroom rather than just learning by observing experienced teachers and trying the same with every child. One size does not fit all where children are concerned and you need an understanding of behaviour management, how children learn and the needs of SEN children, to say the least. You also learn high-level writing skills and reflective thinking at university which is important to your career as a teacher. I do think that having worked as a Teaching Assistant for 3 years beforehand, a school-based training programme was more suited to me. I am also looking forward to working in my second placement school and spending a few days in alternate schools, including a special needs school.