School-to-School Support

The HTSA can provide support for other schools in a variety of forms, always tailored to individual needs. Amongst the alliance partners there is a wide range of experience in providing professional development and improving school performance at all levels and across all phases.

The HTSA can provide the following, working as individuals or teams, to deliver support:

National Leaders of Education (NLE)

Outstanding serving headteachers who can provide additional leadership capacity to schools facing transition or challenging circumstances.

Who are the Hillingdon NLEs?

Andrew Wilcock                Bishop Ramsey CofE School

Sue Pryor                         Swakeleys School For Girls

Chris Cole                        Frays Academy Trust

Chris Weaving                 Whiteheath Infant School


National Leaders of Governance (NLG)

NLGs are highly effective chairs of governors who support chairs of governors in other schools.


Who are the Hillingdon NLG's?

Chris Gentle                     Bishop Ramsey CofE School


Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

Established good and outstanding head teachers who work alongside other head teachers in this role. They drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained.

Who are the Hillingdon LLEs?

Kristy Davis                      St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School
Simon Hawley                  Colham Manor Primary School
Dorothy Chappell             Field End Infant School

Liz Horrigan                     Harlington School

Hillingdon LLEs – Support for Your School to meet Your Needs

The Hillingdon Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) have established an outstanding track record of providing consultancy to Hillingdon schools since 2008. Originally our work was focussed on supporting schools which were either in an Ofsted category or who found themselves in danger of falling into one. More recently our remit has broadened and we are able to undertake a wide range of customised work, such as providing support for new Headteachers and developing coaching in schools.

How can we support you and your school?

All Hillingdon NLEs and LLEs are current or former Headteachers. We have been trained to do the role and some of us are also badged as National Leaders of Education (NLEs). The vast majority of the schools led by Hillingdon LLEs are recognised by Ofsted as outstanding.

We operate across all phases and have provided support to infant, junior, primary, secondary and special schools. We work in conjunction with the LA’s School Improvement team. We are proud of our record of success which sees Hillingdon as a borough with very few schools in any phase in an Ofsted category.

This success means that we now have sufficient capacity to support schools beyond our original remit, who may wish to move from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘good’ or from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’. Bearing in mind Ofsted’s new focus on schools which have been found to require improvement in two successive inspections, this may be a cost effective way for schools to achieve the improvement needed to move forward on the journey to outstanding.

What is the LLEs’ Track Record?

Successful LLE support in the past has included:

  • Supporting a struggling secondary Maths department to improve GCSE outcomes by 15% in one year
  • Supporting a primary school Headteacher to effectively address parental and governor concerns about communication
  • Steering a new Headteacher through a difficult first year in post
  • Supporting a primary school which was in a category to move to ‘Good’ within a year
  • Supporting a special school to move from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’ in 8 months

What have our Client Headteachers got to say about our work?

‘Our two schools are working together, collaboratively, on the school self-evaluation process, the development of middle leaders and level 6 Maths.  This is a progressive, positive on-going initiative with great potential and benefit for both schools.’

What can we do and what will it cost?

A day’s work in your school by a LLE Headteacher costs £500. All work is agreed in advance by you as the client Headteacher and longer projects involving other members of staff from a LLE school can be arranged at highly competitive rates. We would aim to customise a package to meet your needs. So, for instance, you could request:

  • A term’s support for a subject department which is underperforming
  • A close scrutiny of your budget to achieve cost savings
  • Work with your leadership team over a period on change management
  • Development of your Leadership team as coaches, mentors or line managers
  • Support for a Key Stage co-ordinator to bring results back in line with expectations

All the work that LLEs and their schools undertake is client led and confidential. Our approach is based on a coaching model, which we adopt to enable you to achieve sustainable solutions to the problems you have identified.

How can you contact the LLEs/NLEs and NLG's

If you have concerns about your school and would like access to support in dealing with them, or if you would like a rain check with Ofsted in mind please contact Barbara Sheppard, LLE administrator at


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